International Fund for Animal Welfare

Whale Protection Campaign


IFAW wanted to influence the public and policy makers in strategic countries including the U.S., Norway, Japan, and the Caribbean in order to change international policy in regard to laws protecting endangered whale species from commercialized whaling.

International Fund for Animal Welfare


Hyperspective created an integrated campaign with multiple media channels and a public website as the hub of communications. The campaign included content marketing, blogs, public outreach and educational materials, virtual tours, interactive maps, research tools, video and animation media, and an iPad application to protect whales. The entire campaign was delivered internationally through news, traditional media and online.


Hyperspective developed interactive tools currently being used by researchers to advance our understanding of whales. Hyperspective also assisted in the development of a whale alert iPad application, used by ship navigators to avoid whale collisions. Ultimately the combined efforts of all organizations involved resulted in changed legislation to ban commercial whaling in Japan, protecting endangered species of whales.

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