Monterey Jazz Festival

Advertising Campaign


The Monterey Jazz Festival required advertising to reach new markets. Having run for over 50 years in a music genre attracting individuals over the age of 55, the Festival was struggling to attract younger audiences. This presented an opportunity to capture the 35-54 year old demographic, a market that was underrepresented.

Monterey Jazz Festival


Through research, it was found that the Festival’s advantages included a world-class production with high-energy and passion of its performers. Hyperspective created online jazz education content, TV and radio spots that were fun and inviting and communicated the passion and energy experienced at the festival.


Sales within the designated target market showed considerable increases year over year. Festival organizers were pleased by the overall turnout, as well as the increased awareness and attendance among younger demographics. The television spots also won Addy awards by the American Advertising Federation.

Monterey Jazz Festival

Monterey Jazz Festival

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